Found: Freedom in West Berlin…

If I remember right it was the summer of 1973. I still lived in Los Angeles, California. The country was lost in the Watergate Scandal. I was still a Democrat and my best friend had been Robert Kennedy until he was killed that night in 1968. My song writing partner Wayne Grajeda had moved to London to record an album for Warner Brothers and my feet were itching with wanderlust. I dreamed of somewhere I could live where playing live music would pay the bills and provide me with lots of blondes…in short “heaven”. I didn’t want to be a famous rock player; I wanted to be a song writer, a creative artist. After meeting up with Wayne in London he recommended I visit some American musician friends of his in West Berlin. I hit West Berlin at 2 am and looked for some soup to tide me over until it got light. In the morning I took a taxi to Hagelberger14 in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg.

Soon I moved into the address, a four story walk-up and hit the clubs. I found I could play three night clubs a night. I also played on live radio and television. Francis Serafini invited me to play lead guitar in his new band and we were off to the races. THE JIMMY TRAVIS BAND BIO___We began when I formed my group of American expatriates living in Berlin due to the fact that we discovered that there you can live from music alone. MEMBERS__ John Vaughan was U.S. Army brat who grew up in Germany. Francis Serafini is from Rhode Island and I found him in a Berlin club playing solo gigs. Trevor Cooper is from London and he agreed to put together a duo for club dates. Hansi is our drummer and the only German member of our group. I loved playing with these guys seeing how they were some of the best songwriters in Europe. Our life style included sleeping until 5 pm and getting coffee. Then we went to work writing songs we could play in the clubs that night. Berlin was heaven for musicians. We wrote songs and played in the clubs, usually three clubs a night. We did TV and radio. We toured western Europe out of Berlin. But in the end I guess you could say we did it for the music and the blondes. If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of our journey, click hear to listen to my most recent album, ‘Addicted To You’. Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter__We Are Sponsored By Ferrari__

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